Amazon Echo Show Review 2019


Amazon Echo Show will provide you great sound quality and more pretty looks.

Amazon Echo Show Review

The second generation of Amazon echo show is lots of steps more further than its original, as everything inherits some features from elders, it is also having some features from first generation like:5 megapixel front facing camera and eight array of microphone setup. But those microphones are now placed in different direction. The power button still can turn off the microphone and camera, placed on the top. The physical volume control is still at the top of device as its older version.

Smart Home Control

When navigating to Amazon Echo we came to know that, its setting is having new option for Smart Home Control in the main drop down menu. Here you can control the home devices which are connected in it. You will also found their some new icons.

 Texting, Calling and Enhancing the Low Pitch

There is not too much difference in video calling and music playing feature, but it is now on huge and high resolution screen. The layout for video calling is still the same as in last model. It is not yet integrated with Skype for voice calling.

Sound & Speakers

The new speakers in this new device are type of 2 inch neodymium side-firing drivers and like passive bass radiator; it is proven from it that it is improved well. The sound quality of this new device is much more better. It is more deep and plain. It is able to produce more great sound from Google Home or Home Pod.


The second generation of Echo Show is having great and big display. The sound quality is also well, it produces plain smooth sound. It is still not having many exciting or entertaining features. It lacks in some extras. But it is an ideal device for its huge display.


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