The Best Screen Recorder for PC 2018 – 2019


Records almost all software from your screen. Free screen recorders will easily take shot of your desktop and it will be easy to share them too. The simple recorders of screen only take what desktop displays. But some advance tools offer more features like editing, picture-in-picture etc.

Below are some best screen recorders for you without any pay.

OBS Studio:

It is the best screen recorder for taking shots of screen on streaming games. It is having a lot of features for best results. It provides HD streaming and recording. There is no restriction on video length. Its setup takes time. If you play a lot of games than it will be best screen recorder for you.

Flash Back Express:

It is absolute good for recording games and taking shots of screen from webcam. Its interface is well designed. It builds up with video editor. It offers choice of output formats. It won’t put unwanted bookmarks to your recordings. Due to its features it can be easily compete by competitors. It will give a professional look to your shots.

A Power Soft Free Online Screen Recorder:

It is a browser based tool. it can easily record your presentation, demonstration or tutorial of software. It is not suitable for games. It is having lots of option for export. You can easily record the whole screen. If you are recording video for uploading that on YouTube, you won’t need to resize it. It is an amazing tool.

Debut Video Capture:

It is the most flexible, and it is having capabilities more than just screen recording. It records on schedule basis. You can use external cameras to record too. It is a very strong powerful program. You can add filters, captions and watermarks of your own in your recordings. It will be launched with extra polish soon.

Share X:

It is a nice choice for sharing your captures and recordings online. You can capture as video files or GIFs too. it offers you bulk of export options. It is amazing for static screen grabs. Its interface is unintuitive. It is not suitable for games. It is an excellent recorder and works well.


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