Amazon Seller Customer Service

Amazon Seller Customer Service

When you are selling on Amazon, so sometimes due to a bit issue you will get in need of seller support by Amazon, and definitely as everyone want, you will also want to solve that issue as soon as possible. As Amazon supports its customers while buying as Amazon customer service, in the same way they support their sellers too. But how you will know about getting seller support by Amazon?

Amazon provides vast information on their Home Page for Seller support. Sellers can guide them about objects like canceling a listing, locate a buyer’s shipping address, knowing about fees of customers and other basic FAQs needed.

But after viewing their home page, still if your query is not solved so you will need specific support and help. It is only acquired via your Amazon Seller Account; you can directly contact seller support on Amazon.

You can easily discuss all your issues individually with Amazon Seller Support. If you are having more than a issue and you will discuss them altogether so its result will take much time, you will be needed to be patient because your case will go through several different departments and your issues can even fall through the crack without being resolved, so it will be more easy to open and have new case for each issue you face.

Contacting Amazon Seller Support

In your account there will be an option Get Support, you can visit that page. There are also some other ways of contacting Amazon Seller Support. You can click Help button mentioned in the upper right corner of the page, or you can have help from Get Support button mentioned in the lower left hand corner of the page. it will show you menu on the right hand side of page, you can find answers of your questions, you can also get accessed to the forums for sellers or directly contact Amazon Seller Support by clicking the middle button mentioned below of the menu bar.

After navigating to the page named as Contact Us you will see two options, from which you will have to choose according to your preference. Options will be: Selling on Amazon or Advertising and Stores.

Selling on Amazon will show you another menu on the right hand side of the page, it will offer you options as quick action or to contact support.

Below the option Your Account you can choose Other Account Issues if you are unable to find the particular topic you are looking for, after this you can have help in order to contact support through email or phone.

Phone Support:

Getting support via phone you should have information of your bill and information of your account ready in the hand or mind when the support staff asks for it. if you want help for an order or dispute issue of buyer, you can open order in your computer for having rapid access of information. You should have ready paper pen or word programming for taking notes while having Seller support phone call.

Email Support:

While having support through email, be specific regarding your topic, it will help getting a high level support. Be firm on the topic you want help in. deal just with one issue at a time in order to get support from accurate department. You should use proper sentence structure and accurate grammar to make convenient for support staff to understand your issue. Discuss them your personal opinion that how you want your issue to be solved.

If you still thought that you are not getting the support or help you want, you can have a try for asking a captive associate. These are second level of support staff members, they help in fixing huge complicated issues.


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