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Amazon Customer Service welcome you to their website in the most affectionate manner. This is another spot, and you should accept this to get benefit from our services and from us. Definitely we recommend you to have a look on it in a concentrating way and do not skip any point.

Author’s One:

  • Your yield object will show your hold toward being the original author of content.
  • Amazon Customer Service is the noncompetitive maker of decision, so it is not guaranteed that your yield content will be surely published or not after you submit.
  • If your content is categorized in a mismanaged way so Amazon Customer service will select a correct category for the submission of your content.
  • We are having appropriate right to transmit your contents to other sites and other mailing lists as well who supported us.
  • We will check your content for any wrong or depraved use of words; if it will not be suitable then we are having complete right to reject your content.
  • Your content will be rejected and deleted without any prior notice or any consideration to converse if it is not completely your own or if it is being stolen from anywhere.
  • We are also having complete right to add advertisements on the page where your content is being published and featured on.
  • You should keep in mind that you will not be paid for issuing your content as we are offering free services, nevertheless you will never be robbed of your credit concerned with your content.

Publisher One’s:

  • When we have a proper collection of your issued articles, then removing the source of article from any article, you will be having option to publish or feature your articles on your website, it is the most diplomatic issue and you should definitely steer clear of it at any level.
  • You are not permitted to publish your content again, which is having any republishing link on article page.
  • The respect of writers should be sustained and any changes on content like rewrite change or edit any area of content which has been posted on our website.
  • You should never put our content in any gratuitous or indiscriminate main. Never ever think of exploiting it.
  • Our articles should always be safeguarded from any illegal point, which means hatred, porn, racist and material alike. Do not expose our articles to such sites.
  • Article took from our inventory should not be sold without any written statement from its author.
  • Reprinting or using content should be done at your own risk.
  • The signature of author should always be retained in the similar form and in all links.
  • We are having complete rights to eliminate your membership if you are seen with using any page crawler, robots, site scrappers or automated script or software or any other method for any destroying reasons.


  • Content on Amazon Customer Service are only granted for spreading information and it is not holding any guarantee for legal liability or the authority for accuracy, usefulness or any of the successful practical enactment.
  • Amazon Customer Service is not authorized concerned with any embezzle of the written content on this website or concerned with any other person on the website of content.
  • The points share on Amazon Customer Service is not showing the dogma of its team. They completely belong to its author.
  • You can also get some links not concerned with it, Amazon Customer Service is not having guaranteed concerning with any type of material found on other sites.
  • We do not carry any pop ups and they are also not included in Amazon Customer Service, if you find any so it will not be us.